Municipal Presidency

Raúl Quintero serves in the dual role of both municipal president and president of the landowners, creating thereby strong chemistry between the government and people of Amanalco.

Raúlbuena foto copia 1 - Municipal Presidency

Raúl Quintero has twice won the municipal presidency of Amanalco. First in 2006 as the candidate of the powerful PRD party, and again in 2016 with the lesser known PT party.

Since 2015 Raúl Quintero is president of Amanalco’s Landowners Union Emiliano Zapata.

The people of Amanalco have elected him time and again, and could possibly elect him twice more as their municipal president, extending his commission until 2024.

Raúl Quintero was born in Amanalco. He graduated from the University of the State of Mexico in 1998 with a degree in agronomy, specializing in organic agriculture.

He is married to Teresa Acevedo, with whom he has two children.

People voted for me because they saw in me a trustworthy person to work for the benefit of the community; because they see in me the leadership required to establish order and security in the municipality. A person who creates the conditions for the economic development of the community, and who provides opportunities for all.