If you have an eye for investing, and a magnifying glass to search the globe with, you will stop at Amanalco, Mexico.

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Welcome to “where much water springs”.      That is the meaning of our original name: Nzabí.

Incredibly, Amanalco boasts 435 springs of pristine water.


Mexico City, with its 21 million inhabitants, depends on Amanalco for 30% of its water supply. That’s why the badge of our shield is Where Water Is Born and Expands

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A for Amanalco. Right in Mexico’s economic and political core

Amanalco is located at the very core of Mexico’s economics and politics. We are 90 kilometers from Mexico City, and 40 from Toluca, capital of the Mexican state which bears the same name as our country: Mexico.




Amanalco is adjacent to Valle de Bravo —a favorite weekend getaway for the elite of Mexican society. Many Mexicans shop here for electric cars and luxury boats worth millions of pesos.

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Valle de Bravo. Its famous lake is a dam with capacity for 418 billion liters of water. 70% of this water supply comes from Amanalco.

Amanalco was founded for its medicinal plants. Its forests are nature’s pharmacies

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Amanalco is home to more than 50 healing species
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11, 123 hectares of woodland. Part of our enduring legacy.

Amanalco is a logging model in Mexico. Every year we produce larger wooded areas than the 16,000 cubic meters we cut down.

We have 1,357 hectares of pastures, and 8,950 hectares of arable land (1,181 irrigated, and 7,750 rain-fed).


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Every year we produce one thousand tons of rainbow trout. We have enough water to produce 500 times more.






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Tourism has been steady for decades, despite very little advertising. Visitors from around the world come to fish for trout, go horseback riding, and engage in extreme sports.

Amanalco is a dream destination, perfect for those who are being called back to nature. And it’s not only tourists; the global economy itself is going green.

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